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Magyar könyvek:

Süle Ferenc: Valláspatológia

Seigfried Kratzer: Megbetegítő hit

Jeff VanVonderen: Ha belefáradtál, hogy mindig bizonyítanod kell

Angol könyvek:
·         Ken Blue: Healing Spiritual Abuse

·         Ronald Enroth: Churches that Abuse

A szerző engedélyével ovasható ingyen a http://www.apologeticsindex.org/716-churches-that-abuse-online-book linkre kattintva.

·         Ronald Enroth: Recovering from churches that abuse – szintén olvasható ingyen az apologeticsindex.org – on: http://www.apologeticsindex.org/716-churches-that-abuse-online-book valamint letölthető pdf-ben innen: http://www.reveal.org/development/Recovering_from_Churches_that_Abuse.pdf

·         Ronald Enroth: The Lure of the Cults and New Religions

·         Ronald Enroth: Youth, Brainwashing and the Extremist Cults

·         Stephen Martin: The heresy of mind control

·         Stephen Arterburn & Jack Felton: Toxic Faith

·         Stephen Arterburn and Jack Felton: More Jesus Less Religion

·         Stephen Arterburn, Jack Felton: Faith That Hurts, Faith That Heals/Understanding the Fine Line Between Healthy Faith and Spiritual Abuse

·         Jeff Vanvonderen & David Johnson: The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse

·         Steven Hassan: Combatting Cult Mind Control

·         Steven Hassan: Releasing The Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves

·         Janja Lalich, Madeleine Landau Tobias: Captive Hearts, Captive Minds: Freedom and Recovery from Cults and Other Abusive Relationships

·         Janja Lalich, Madeleine Tobias: Take Back Your Life: Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships

·         Leo Booth, John Bradshaw: When God Becomes a Drug : Breaking the Chains of Religious Addiction and Abuse

·         Michael D. Langone: Recovery from Cults: Help for Victims of Psychological and Spiritual Abuse

·         Denise Winn: The Manipulated Mind: Brainwashing, Conditioning and Indoctrination

·         Charles MacKay, Andrew Tobias: Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds

·         Marc Galanter: Cults: Faith, Healing, and Coercion

·         George K. Simon: In Sheep's Clothing: Understanding and Dealing With Manipulative People

·         Wilow: Crooked Cross: A Journey Out of Religious Abuse

·         M. Scott Peck: People of Lie

·         Barbara M.Orlowski: Spiritual Abuse Recovery: Dynamic Research on Finding a Place of Wholeness

·         Brenda Lee: Out of the Cocoon

·         Eric Hoffer: The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements

·         Joel Kramer, Diana Alstad: The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power

·         Mary Alice Chrnalogar: Twisted Scriptures: A Path to Freedom from Abusive Churches

·         Susan Forward, Donna Frazier: Emotional Blackmail: When the People in Your Life Use Fear, Obligation and Guilt to Manipulate You

·         Juanita & Dale Ryan: Recovery from Spiritual Abuse

·         Ronald House & Judy Hou: How to Recognize Shepherdship Error

·         Jeri Mass: The Lambs Workbook: Recovering from Church Abuse, Clergy Abuse, Spiritual Abuse, and the Legalism of Christian Fundamentalism

·         David Miller: Breaking Free!: Rescuing Families from the Clutches of Legalism

·         Agnes and John Lawless: The Drift Into Deception: The Eight Characteristics of Abusive Christianity

·         Samantha Nelson: Reaching the Hurting: A Biblical Guide for Helping Abuse Victims

·         George Bloomer: Authority Abusers

·         Mike Fehlauer: Exposing Spiritual Abuse

·         Terry Wardle: Wounded

·         Steven R. Tracy: Mending the Soul: Understanding and Healing Abuse

·         Marc Dupont: Toxic Churches: Restoration from Spiritual Abuse

·         William L. Coleman: The Pharisees’ Guide to Total Holiness

·         Bruce Tucker: Twisting the Truth

·         David Henke: Spiritual Abuse Recovery Workbook


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